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With respect to admission

・ Admission fee / membership fee

The admission fee is 1000 yen and the annual membership fee is 1000 yen. Please see the bylaws for details.

・ After sending the application email, we will guide you to the membership fee transfer account and the association chat group.

Membership application

Thank you for sending


chapter One

First article

The Society is called the Japan Tennan Show Association, and the secretariat is defined as the location of the chairman and the group on the Internet.

Article 2

The members of this association are human beings who are responsible and have an interest in plants of the genus Jack-in-the-Pulp, and the unit of membership is an individual.

Article 3

The purpose of this association is to share knowledge among members regarding plants of the genus Jack-in-the-Mole, improve technology and promote welfare, and to preserve seeds and maintain strains, protect their own habitats, and strive to produce and breed new varieties. And.

Chapter II

Article 4

1 In principle, the following officers will be assigned to the Society.

・ Chairman (one person)

・ Vice Chairman (1 or 2 people)

・ Accounting (~ 1 person)

・ Auditor (~ 1 person)

2. The officers set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be elected at the general meeting.

Article 5

1 The president shall summarize this on behalf of the association.

2 The vice-chairman assists the chairman and acts on behalf of the chairman in the event of an emergency.

3 Accounting handles the accounting affairs of the association.

4 Auditors shall audit the accounting affairs of the association and correct any mistakes. If we discover a fact of fraud, we will report it to the General Assembly, and if we find it necessary for this purpose, we will request the convocation of an extraordinary General Assembly.

Article 6

1. The term of office of officers shall be one year from the elected general meeting. However, reappointment is not hindered.

2. Officers elected by vacancy shall be the remaining term of their predecessors.

Chapter 3

Article 7

1 The general meeting shall be a regular general meeting and an extraordinary general meeting.

2 The regular general meeting is held in April every year.

(3) The extraordinary general meeting may be convened when the chairman deems it necessary, and when one-third or more of the members indicate the purpose of the meeting and request it.

Article 8

1 The general meeting is convened by the chairman.

2. At the time of convening the general meeting, the members must be notified of the purpose of the meeting, the date and time, and the place at least 60 days before the opening.

Article 10

The general meeting is chaired by the chairman and deliberates and makes decisions on matters.

・ Regarding business plans and business reports

・ About budget and settlement of accounts

・ Regarding the appointment and dismissal of officers

・ Regarding revision of the constitution

・ Other important matters

Article 11

The general meeting is established with the attendance of a majority of the members. Members who submit a power of attorney upon absence are considered attendees.

Article 12

The minutes of the parliament are decided according to the principle of majority vote, and if the number is the same, it depends on the chairman's decision.

Article 13

1 In the proceedings of the parliament, it is obligatory to prepare the minutes stating the following matters.

·date and time. Place

・ Current number of members and attendees

・ Purpose of the event, matters to be deliberated and matters to be decided

・ Summary of proceedings and results

2 Minutes must be signed by all officers after confirmation.

Chapter 4

Article 14

1 Place a board of directors in the meeting

2 The board of directors shall be established by the officers stipulated in Article 6.

Article 15

The board of directors shall be convened by the chair as necessary.

Article 16

The board of directors, chaired by the chairman, deliberates and decides on the following paragraphs.

・ Regarding the execution of voting matters at the general meeting

・ Regarding member fraud

・ Regarding the execution of other affairs

Chapter 5

Article 17

1 The expenses of the association will be allocated to the collected membership fees and income from events.

2 The shortfall in expenses will be borrowed from the chairman and other officers, and the association will bear the debt.

Article 18

1. Members are obliged to pay 1000 yen per year as a membership fee regardless of age or occupation by the method specified by the Society during the general meeting month (April in principle).

2 In the case of enrollment, regardless of age or occupation, enrollment will be made at the same time as the enrollment fee of 1000 yen is paid, and the membership fee for the next year will be exempted only if the period from the enrollment date to the general meeting month is within 5 months.

3 In the case of withdrawal, in principle, refund of membership fee is not allowed unless this is done within 2 months from the general meeting.

4 This may be reduced or postponed by the approval of the board of directors.

Article 19

The business year of the association begins on April 1st of each year and ends on the end of March of the following year.

Article 20

Accounting prepares a statement of income and expenditure and an inventory of property, reports it at the general meeting, and obtains approval.

Article 22

Necessary matters not stipulated in these bylaws shall be stipulated separately by the chairman after a resolution of the general meeting.

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