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During jellyfish of order accepted! ︎

It is sudden

We sell guerrilla-like jellyfish that the people inside collect and raise as a hobby.

For a limited time !!

How to order:

・ Please contact us from the inquiry page after clearly stating the desired species and number of animals. We will get back to you with availability and shipping costs.

Red jellyfish

Chrysaora pacifica


It is also found in beaches and is known as a poisonous jellyfish that is often damaged. A jellyfish with beautiful long tentacles and beautiful mouth and arms, it is relatively easy to breed.

If you breed multiple individuals at the same time, they will get entangled, but in fact, even one individual may get entangled. Most of the time, it can be solved naturally, but if it cannot be solved, the tentacles will be autotomized.

Even if your tentacles or umbrella are damaged, they usually recover in a few days.

It is okay to stop the water when breeding, but if possible, it will be well bred if there is a gentle stream of water and an appropriate amount of air.

The lower the water temperature, the better, and about 15 degrees is optimal. We keep it at 21 degrees.

Feed the killifish and shredded sashimi. If there is leftover food, the water will get dirty, so it is recommended to give a very small amount in several divided doses.

Because I like clean water, it seems that I am in a good mood if I change the water frequently.

2000 yen / animal

Umbrella diameter 5-10 cm
Spirocodon salt

Spirocodon saltator


It is a jellyfish managed in the refrigerator. It is vulnerable to high temperatures, but you can enjoy it even when the water is still. The cubic body and tentacles are distinctive and beautiful, but no successful breeding is known.

Since the time of appearance is limited, it is quite rare. Only a small amount is in stock.

Out of stock / animal

Size Mix
Moon jellyfish

Aurelia sp.


Needless to say, the translucent guy. The gonads like the four-leaf clover are cute. Breeding is easy, but if the water is still, it will gradually weaken. It is a good idea to use an air tube and an air pump to create a gentle stream of water with large bubbles. It is one of the few jellyfish that can be bred for a relatively long period of time.

Out of stock / animal

Kasa径2 ~5cm
in preparation

Coming soon


in preparation

0 yen / animal

Size 0
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